Herman Miller designs and makes incredible quality, ergonomically designed office furniture, equipment and home furnishings. 


To launch Layout Studio, a new office furniture system, I art directed and styled a two-week shoot with the resulting photos to be used in all launch marketing collateral.

This shoot included working with HM's interior designers and product managers to choose the product specs and create set designs for all shots to make sure we made the most of a huge product range. After finding the ideal location we set the fabulous HM fitters the task of building 15 sets, quickly! Once they were perfect I could get to work with the styling - just enough to add interest but not so much to detract from the new -stars of the show - products.

Photographer: James King


Montane is a British outdoor endurance clothing company with designs on extreme environments and innovative solutions. Their Ambassador programme now includes Katy Parrott - 'Tinkerbell crossed with the Terminator' - the perfect meeting of minds.

Johnny and I photographed KP on Sugar Loaf mountain in Wales, the day prior to her heading off to Scotland to squeeze in some winter mountain training, and just a few weeks before she heads off to Afghanistan as a Combat Medic.

We wanted to show KP in her natural environment - her comfort zone - and capture that determination and drive in each and every photograph. Whilst showing the fabulous Montane clothing off to it's finest of course!

Photographer: Johnny Fenn

The Harley Davidson offices in Europe had had a facelift and boy, were they looking good! Herman Miller had worked with them to create the perfect working environments for their employees and so it was time to show it off.

Before they moved in we paid the Milan office a visit and art directed a photography case study for Herman Miller to show and be proud of!

Photographer: Alex Shore

Due to client confidentiality I can't show many of the recent projects that
I've art directed on my website however please contact me if you'd like more details.